About Our Hair Salon

Miracolo is an Italian word meaning miracle.  At Miracolo Hair Studio, our hair salon services focus on the natural texture of the hair.  Our goal is to create an innovative, cutting-edge style for each individual.  We combine our technical skills with our visual creativity to sculpt miraculous beauty. We strive to create the right combination of trendy, hip, and elegant styles.  Please make yourself at home, enjoy your stay at our studio. Allow us to create the best possible hair experience and service for you.
Hair Salon Services in Doylestown

Our Hair Salon’s Philosophy

Destined to appeal to an upscale business and leisure clientele alike. Miracolo Hair Studio is poised to transform beauty and hair care services for the Philadelphia region.

Owned and operated by Michael Guagliardo, a classically trained artist who has traveled all over the world to master the craft of European-style dry cutting and innovative hair coloring, Guagliardo’s philosophy is simple. Create a brand that offers discerning clientele luxury, yet continue to focus on quality and creativity.

Miracolo Hair Studio is not only about servicing clients, but also about building relationships and trust. By exploring a client’s habits, lifestyle, attitudes and even diet, Guagliardo and his talented team are able to make objective assessments based on a keen perception of the style threads that weave a tapestry throughout that person’s life.

Our Atmosphere

Miracolo Hair Studio is an intimate, calm environment, offering clients a select, yet approachable atmosphere. Featuring vibrant green walls, within a large, non-intimidating space, we are able to achieve balance and harmony while featuring a salon that is reminiscent of an upscale New York Studio. You may enter Miracolo feeling frazzled and rushed, but you will leave our hair salon feeling energized and refreshed.

Our Art

“Dry Hair Cutting focuses on the natural texture of the hair which allows the stylist to sculpt shapes into the hair that produces a style that grows out beautifully.”

We, at Miracolo Hair Studio, are cut and color experts. Our focus on these specialties allows us to concentrate on our clients, providing them with the skills and the secrets to achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. Our hair salon clients receive customized cut and color services designed to unveil a look uniquely their own.

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