Hair Salon Reviews

Candy Edelbaum

I was really pleased with all aspects of your salon, even though I only used the the blow out bar. I have no suggestions as to how you can improve what seems to me to be a winning show.

I live part time in Doylestown, part time in Manhattan. Honestly, I haven’t had my hair done so well in Manhattan and I have been having my hair blown out for many many years. Emily was lovely, listening to what I wanted and what I have experienced as problematic blowing out my hair in the past, and then did a fabulous job.

I will definitely return and be a customer. And I will recommend you salon  to all. I hope you do color as well as the blow out!

One suggestion, open a salon in NYC!!!!

Thanks to you and your staff for being very professional and talented too!

I had a wonderful experience at Miracolo Hair Studio. Missy is excellent. My hair looks amazing, and I am so pleased with it. I have so many positive things to say. The hair color is beautiful and did not burn at all, everyone was very friendly, and I did not ask what they used on my hair while washing it, but it smelled AMAZING! I was also delighted that I was offered tea. I love tea! Missy recommended Eufora Style Details Dry Spray Wax, which I intend to buy in the near future. I can’t think of anything that could make my experience better. I was comfortable, relaxed, and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Thank you for keeping such a nice salon. (The decor is beautiful, by the way!)

Angie Schlauch
Jody Gordon

I was very impressed with the service at your salon, the front desk was very friendly and gave me a water as soon as I walked in. I also love the haircut I received. I will be back and will recommend your services to others as well.  I do not use any products or color my hair… so I do not remember what products were recommended to me because it is just not something I use.

I hope that was helpful!

Thank you

I had a wonderful experience, Emily was my stylist. I had a Keratin treatment and I love it. The entire experience was fabulous.

My Daughter worked with Kali, her hair turned out Perfect and Kali was so nice to her.

I was very impressed with the salon and the Team. I can tell this is a very well trained group.

Christine Swan

I had a wonderful experience at Miracolo.  Everyone was friendly, kind and very welcoming.  I have been going to the same stylist for 15 years….so it was a leap of faith that I tried somewhere new.  The person that was recommended to me no longer works there, so I was not sure what to expect.  Emily was great….she talked to me to make sure she met all of my needs and wants.   I love the color and my haircut is fabulous.

On Saturday, I was out running errands and a woman stopped me in the parking lot to ask me where I had my hair cut….not kidding.  She commented on how fabulous it looked…..she said “you should see yourself from behind, it just looks amazing”.  I gave her all the information on the salon.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Something positive: My highlights look amazing. 48 hours after my appt I had my engagement photo shoot on the jersey shore and the person who styled my hair that day asked where I get my high lights done because they were amazing.

I am really particular about my hair. I don’t have a plentiful budget (hello wedding 😉 right now but hair is something I splurge on because you wear your hair every. single. day. I thought my hair cut and highlights was worth every penny.

Something constructive: I seriously can’t think of anything. The atmosphere was relaxing and inviting and I was able to unwind after a very long work day. Because of the higher price I will have to spread out my visits more but my hair texture and natural color allows me to get away with that.

I don’t remember what products were recommended to me. Not because they weren’t recommended but because I love my current products. I did get a conditioning treatment done since it was my first visit and that product was Ahhh-mazing!

Hope this is somewhat useful. I look forward to my next visit.

Meghan Trahan
Carole Mancini

It was indeed a wonderful experience at MIracolo this morning! Several levels worth mentioning: I loved the space, the light, the silver-grey and the lime green. I loved the openness, the ease-of-flow from one area to another. I enjoyed the lack of clutter, the absence of loud music. OK, those were first impressions, the physical, the aesthetics of the studio. Now to next impressions: the smiling friendliness and welcome from the reception area. It was quite lovely. How often we encounter poor attitude or a weariness or an offhand attitude! The girls were great. And the last impression, which could easily be first in terms of Why I Was There: Missy Shelly was totally adorable from the get-go. (More of her in a minute.) Ashley shampooed me and was pleasantly personable and caring, and gave me a perfect shampoo. Again, a simple-enough task sometimes performed in a careless manner. Not with Ashley! Then, back to Missy. What a delight! I felt confident and comfortable. I had been recommended by a girlfriend to Missy — and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I am already looking forward to my return visit in four weeks’ time.

I appreciate you reaching out to thank me and request feedback on my experience.

I visited your salon for the first time on Saturday, June 6th. I was equally excited and apprehensive about my appointment. I can honestly say the experience was wonderful. Every associate I encountered was pleasant, professional, and helpful. Quite refreshing! In fact, I’ve already scheduled my next appointment.

Dana was my stylist. She matched my color and gave me a beautiful blow out. I do not recall Dana recommending any product specifically, but she did ask if I needed any. I told her I was set for now.

By the way, I shared with my daughter my experience at your salon. She called today (Sunday) and scheduled an appointment for Friday.

Lynn Donato
Avonlea Trobiano

Your studio was wonderful. I came in with my sister who’s been there before and all of your employees were so nice! I don’t think  I have any criticism. The prices are fantastic and the service was amazing. This was definitely the best way to start out the new year! Thank you!


I had my first visit to your studio yesterday and it was a great experience. Sarah did a wonderful job cutting my hair and refreshing the layers. I had questions about styling my own hair and some of the services you offer. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.

I was recommended the 12 Benefits heat protecting spray which I purchased at the end of my visit. I’ve also tried the Miracolo Blow Dry Serum and love how that works on my hair.

I don’t have anything constructive to say at this time. I am happy with my haircut and scheduled a visit to come back in July. I am also interested in your blow dry services for a wedding this summer.

Thank you very much!

Brittany Stachel
Lexi Scrivano

I LOVED the service!

Always asked if I wanted something to drink or wanted to make sure the water wasn’t hot when my hair was being washed. The hairstylists were very confident in themselves and did a fantastic job. I would love to come back again in the future!

I was a little taken back by how my hair was cut dry, BUT… It was done very professionally! My stylist explained everything she would do to my hair so I didn’t have any worries.

Thanks again for the great experience!

Sorry it took a sometime to respond, my son was in the hospital.  In any event, I wanted to take the time to say that Kali did a fantastic job blow drying my hair.  It was my first visit.  The staff were friendly and accommodating.  I will absolutely come in for a haircut. Kali explained how she would do a dry cut (something I have never experienced).  I am looking forward to trying this type of cut.  She did recommend a hair cream, but I cannot remember the name.  I will be sure to purchase when I return.  Thank you.

Mj O’Connor
Jason Taylor Morgan

Thank you for the welcoming email.  And I am very happy to tell you of my wonderful experience today.  Missy cut my hair and I must say professionally and personably she was the best.  My hair looks better than it has in a very long time.  She is artful, took her time, and we had a very enjoyable time talking as well.  It isn’t often that I have gushed about a hair cut, or a stylist.  But I will today.  She’s great.  And the studio is a good blend of classy and cool.  I will be coming back to Miracolo for a long time.

I had such a good experience today at your studio, starting with how kind the receptionist was. Minne was my stylist and she was fabulous as well. She listened to what I had to say and gave her suggestions as well which were excellent and appropriate for my type of hair and style. See you all next time!

Meredith Morris
Virginia DiLeo

My first time there for a the “blow-dry bar”. Good idea to advertise that way because there is only one other official blow-dry bar in Bucks and it’s in Willow Grove. I go to many of them….Philly, NYC, and other cities. It was a surprise to see that you’re a full service salon, and it’s quite nice. Great, friendly service and nice customer perks too! Thanks for the glass of wine! Happy hour on Friday evening while I get my blow-out! Fun, I’ll come again!

I had a very nice visit. Everybody was kind and welcoming and efficient. My appointment was on time, no waiting. All in all, I had a good experience and I plan to visit again. Minne did a great job blow drying my hair for a special occasion.

I will def be back

Phyllis Murr
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